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Add Argan oil to your hair

Our UK first and award winning Argan Oil technology transforms the humble hairdryer into a styling tool which will smooth and strengthen your hair, it’s skincare but for your hair!

We’ve all been there.

Hair that is disobedient.
It won’t do what you want it to do.

Your tresses need taming, we get it! So do ours, which is why we’ve developed a way to infuse moisture into your hair as you dry , leaving it smooth, glossy and hydrated. Say goodbye to frizzy hair.

All hail argan oil!

Thanks to our clever little nozzle you can infuse nourishing Argan oil into your hair as you dry,leaving your hair smooth not greasy. Say goodbye to frizzy hair.It’s skincare, but for your hair.

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We've got a genius nozzle
We've got a genius nozzle


My new obsession!🤩  is the new game changer for drying out your crazy hair!🙌🏽.
It comes with cute mini bottles of Argan Oil which you attach to the dryer and diffuses hydration to your hair straight away! So if your hair is lacking shine or your frizzy hair is out of control this dryer

Hairdryer of dreams by , it has three nozels one of which has a Argan oil shot you can attach it to do give your hair a nourishing boost while your drying it ! It leaves my hair so soft !

Click to read about how I get perfectly sleek, smooth hair in just one step. No straighteners, no fancy high price tag hair serums; just my  De-Frizz Wave Tame Machine ☝🏻💆🏻‍♀️✨

Trying to do the windswept sexy look with my new @untamedukofficial dryer 💕 This dryer is super cool, it diffuses argan oil into your hair as you dry it leaving it silky soft and it smells delicious as you are drying too. I have used this dryer a couple of times now and my old one has gone straight

Omg I’m in shock at how good this hair drier looks sent to me by  due to my mum being a hairdresser I see a lot of good quality equipment but this adds oil into your hair while drying stepping the game up! Thank you so much for sending me this 

Today I’m so excited to share with you an amazing ‘machine’ dryer! Firstly on opening the box I was very impressed with the way the dryer has been packed and kept protected. You can tell @untamedukofficial put so much effort as every detail is to perfection.
I think I’ve actually found a hair

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We are ecstatic about our dual wins of the Editor’s choice beauty shortlist Award and a commendation in these global beauty awards. It is amazing to receive such industry recognition in such a small space of time from our launch. Our Untamed hairdryer has been specifically designed to meet a beauty need faced by women and men throughout the country, namely frizzy hair. Our UK first Argan oil hair dryer delivers Argan oil directly into your hair , allowing you to style and hydrate at the same time. We think of it as skincare but for your hair.

Editors Choice beauty shortlist Awards 2020 Editor's Choice badge

The beauty short list awards are global and recognise the best in beauty.  Why not have a look at the beauty awards here.

We are unique and so is our hair

The key thing here is that everyone’s hair is different.

Our Untamed testers have had differing results when it comes to the amount of oil they use.  To start with, you might want to dry your hair until it’s about 50% dry to see how much oil your hair needs to be abundantly nourished, smooth and shiny.  If it’s all good and your hair feels well, pretty amazing, dry it for a bit longer with the wonder oil the next time.

We started off drying our hair until it was almost dry as we mentioned earlier, but now we dry our hair completely using the Argan oil because our frizz bomb of a barnet loves it.  It really all depends on how wild your mop is.  And our mop is very, very wild.

This is a new and rather exciting whizzy way to add moisture into your hair as you dry, so it will take a bit of time to get used to the best way to create luscious locks with your wave taming machine.  But as they say, practice does make perfect!

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