Untamed™ Argan Oil

3 x 5 ml bottles of Untamed Argan oil included with defrizz hair dryer

Skin care, but for your hair

Pamper your hair with our Untamed hairdryer and Argan oil.

It’s time to start treating your hair and making it feel marvelous. It’s been watching you pamper your skin and has been feeling a bit left out. 

If it’s not already, our Organic Untamed Argan oil will become your best friend. Argan oil contains Vitamin E and fatty acids and has anti-oxidant properties. It is renowned when it comes to hair. for delivering softer, silkier, shinier locks… we could go on for some time, but we think you get the gist.

Treat your hair

The Untamed hairdryer and the Argan oil spritzing nozzle can be used as a weekly treatment. Use it to caress your locks and make them feel loved, not to mention smooth, hydrated and shiny.

So we like to pamper our hair with Untamed on a more regular basis and use the Argan oil saviour two or three times a week. Indulging our tresses,and adding moisture to our parched and stressed hair. 

We think our hair is thanking us for it because even our hairdresser said our locks are feeling much smoother and softer.  Result.

Practice makes perfect!

You will get to know when your barnet needs a shot of the wonder oil.  Coarser, frizzier hair will be able to take more oil and benefit from the smoothing properties of the stuff. 

In terms of how long the oil lasts – it really depends on the length of hair and texture and how often you use the magic elixir when you dry & style. So, it’s a tricky one to answer and just to throw another variable into the mix, how you use your wave tame machine will also impact how much oil you use. 

For example, one of our Untamers is a bit of a nutter when it comes to drying her hair, moving the dryer around like it’s going out of fashion.  She can easily use ½ of a bottle drying her hair like a wild woman.  Have a quick shifty at our video, you’ll see how we think you should use it (not like the crazy woman).

However, another Untamer who has been using our drying goddess doesn’t move the dryer about as much and has managed to use it 10 times
and there is still oil left.

That demonstrates perfectly how unique this little gem is and whatever the usage, the results are still the same…  Smooth, soft, shiny hair.  Hair heaven.

Why not pamper your hair with our Untamed wonder hairdryer and Argan oil today.