Defrizz Wave Tame Machine Untamed Hair dryer


The Defrizz Wave Tame Machine hairdryer by Untamed with Argan oil is professionally designed with Your hair in mind.

A Unique UK first hairdryer.

It’s skincare but for your hair.

Dry, style and hydrate with our moisture boost of a hairdryer. Spritz Argan Oil into your hair as you dry with our genius frizz busting nozzle.

Powerful, lightweight, frizz free hair drying thanks to our mane taming technology.

Suitable for all hair types.

Non greasy Argan oil formula. Learn more about our Argan oil here.

3 x 5ml bottles of Argan Oil provided (Once empty refill with any Argan/Moroccan oil and use as before)

Free next working day delivery via DPD if ordered before noon.

12 month guarantee.

The Defrizz Wave Tame Machine hairdryer is the perfect styling tool for frizzy hair.

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Editors Choice beauty shortlist Awards 2020 Editor's Choice badge

Our Untamed hair dryer won the Editor’s choice award and was also commended in the beauty shortlist awards 2020.Information on the beauty shortlist Awards 2020 can be found at

What other hair taming technology has our styling tool the Defrizz Wave Tame Machine hair dryer by Untamed with Argan oil got? Not only is our hair dryer a first for the UK. It is also manufactured to a professional specification with you in mind.

On the days when you don’t use the Argan oil nozzle, use the narrow concentrator for super-duper precision styling or the slightly wider nozzle for general hair drying. You’ll still get the benefits of ceramic and ionic wonderfulness. Our blow dryer also offers 2000 w of power and the under-used cold shot button on our hairdryer.

Ceramic Grill

The ceramic grill at the front of our rather nifty little Wave Tame Machine hair dryer helps distribute the temperature evenly. So wave goodbye to the nasty little hot spots that can fry your hair.

Ionic hair drying technology

What? Our Ionic hair drying technology should be called the smoothing wonder. The less exciting techno bit is that you have positive charge in your hair, which causes the frankly, annoying static and frizzy irritants that drive most of us nuts. Our Untamed hairdryer will emit negative ions to cancel out the positive troublemakers. Knocking the static and frizz on the head, literally. Delivering smooth, anti-frizz hair for you.

2000w of power

You want to dry and tame your tresses. You don’t want to use a paint stripper of a hair dryer that cancels out all the hair friendly technology that’s packed into your Defrizz Wave Tame Machine hair drying wizard. Over drying your hair can cause damage.

Cold shot

The most under-rated and under-used little nugget that can finish off your barnet perfectly. Blast your hair with the cold shot button on our hairdryer after you have dried & styled. The cold air will settle your cuticles down and help them lie more smoothly after the power of the heat.

Powerful AC motor dryer

We think AC rocks; your Untamed motor has a longer life so will keep going for longer than it’s DC counterpart. Compared to a standard DC hair dryer, the Untamed Wave Tame Machine hairdryer with Argan oil will last almost 3 times longer and 1 ½ times longer than your average AC hair dryer. More bangs for your buck.
OK, the AC motor is slightly heavier, but that’s because it’s professional. We can live with that. You’ll get strong airflow through our professional hair dryer for faster drying. Your Wave Tame Machine has over 2 ½ times stronger airflow than the average AC hairdryer. This, our Untamed friends, helps distribute the argan oil evenly and rather gorgeously through your hair.

Superb Reach

There’s a 3m salon length cable on our moisture boosting dryer. So, if your plug is nowhere near your dressing table, no problem we got you covered.

Find out more in our FAQ section here.

If you have frizzy hair, are looking to defrizz your hair our just looking to tame your hair for that Salon worthy look at home, then our Untamed professional hair dryer is for you.

Our Unique , UK first hair treatment system is designed with you in mind.

Take control with our Untamed Moisture Boost of a styling tool. Try our Untamed Defrizz Wave Tame Machine Hair dryer today.

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My new obsession!🤩  is the new game changer for drying out your crazy hair!🙌🏽.
It comes with cute mini bottles of Argan Oil which you attach to the dryer and diffuses hydration to your hair straight away! So if your hair is lacking shine or your frizzy hair is out of control this dryer

Hairdryer of dreams by , it has three nozels one of which has a Argan oil shot you can attach it to do give your hair a nourishing boost while your drying it ! It leaves my hair so soft !

Click to read about how I get perfectly sleek, smooth hair in just one step. No straighteners, no fancy high price tag hair serums; just my  De-Frizz Wave Tame Machine ☝🏻💆🏻‍♀️✨

Trying to do the windswept sexy look with my new @untamedukofficial dryer 💕 This dryer is super cool, it diffuses argan oil into your hair as you dry it leaving it silky soft and it smells delicious as you are drying too. I have used this dryer a couple of times now and my old one has gone straight

Omg I’m in shock at how good this hair drier looks sent to me by  due to my mum being a hairdresser I see a lot of good quality equipment but this adds oil into your hair while drying stepping the game up! Thank you so much for sending me this 

Today I’m so excited to share with you an amazing ‘machine’ dryer! Firstly on opening the box I was very impressed with the way the dryer has been packed and kept protected. You can tell @untamedukofficial put so much effort as every detail is to perfection.
I think I’ve actually found a hair

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