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Drying tips using the Argan oil on your frizzy hair.

The nozzle for the oil is wide, we want to maximise oil and heat distribution for you. Everything about our Untamed hair dryer is designed to tame frizzy hair.

For outstanding results, we suggest you use the dryer on the highest heat and speed settings. Thus ensuring that you spritz the smoothing potion into your hair for an all-out maximum effect.

Give the magic potion a few seconds to wake up – start drying your hair and moving your wave tame machine hair dryer.  This will wake up the Argan oil and after a few seconds. It will start diffusing hydrating goodness into your hair. Adding moisture and hydrating your frizzy hair.

There are a number of ways you can use this.  We started off using the oil until our hair was about 80/85% dry to get used to working with the oil.

How the dickens can you tell when your hair is 80-85% dry?  Most of your tresses are dry, there will be just a slight dampness you can still feel in your hair.

Always keep your hair dryer pointing downwards.

Action shot of dryer in use by model

After a whole heap of testing this little munchkin, we have been using the oil to dry our hair until it’s completely dry.  We’ve been rough drying our hair using our fingers until it’s almost dry. Then start using a brush to finish the blow drying, still using the Argan oil nozzle.  I know, good, right?  (If you are being lazy/can’t be bothered blow drying your barnet, just carry on spritzing and rough drying until you are done.)

Keep the hair dryer pointing downwards and keep that baby moving for optimum distribution of the smoothing elixir.  With or without the oil, you should always hold your hair dryer like this as it helps smooth the cuticles down. 

Waving your hair dryer around willy-nilly will make those cuticles hissy and angry and your tresses won’t be as smooth as they could be.  Your taming machine is not just a hair dryer, it’s a frizzy hair styling tool. Remember use the cold shot button to flatten out your cuticles for shiner hair. We’ve found using it as we have, has meant less styling after drying.  That can only be a good thing and we like that.

But don’t take our word for it see what the ManchesterBlogger1 has to say in a review of our frizz free hair dryer.

Your Argan oil has run out because it’s been so busy hydrating and smoothing your hair?

Our Untamed De-frizzing hair machines have been designed to work perfectly with Untamed Argan oil so you can whirl Untamed goodness through your hair to your heart’s content.  We are working on some 100ml bottles of our magic potion that also come with an additional little bottle to use with your dryer.  You can never have enough bottles of the stuff ready to use.

The dinky little bottles are easy to fill up, let’s face it, if we can do it, anyone can. 

You can use your favourite hair oil in the bottles.  Although the dryer is designed to work with the Untamed Argan oil, you can use it with any oil.  Moroccan oil, argan oil, take your pick.  All we will say is, depending on the viscosity of the oil, it might disperse at a different rate to the Untamed elixir.  If it’s much thicker, it will be slower and if it’s thinner,  it might fly out like a rocket.

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