Q. What can I refill the bottles with?

A. Good question!  You can use your favourite hair oil in the bottles.  Although the dryer is designed to work with the Untamed Argan oil, you can use it with any oil.  Moroccan oil, argan oil, take your pick.  All we will say is, depending on the viscosity of the oil, it might disperse at a different rate to the Untamed elixir.  If it’s much thicker, it will be slower and if it’s thinner it might fly out like a rocket.

Q. Can I buy replacement bottles from you?

A. You will be able to very soon!  We are working hard to be able to offer our Untamed beauties 100ml bottles that you can use to fill the dryer bottles with.  It will also include another bottle that fits the nozzle.  The more the better, we say.

Q.  What is the length of the warranty?

A.  Untamed offer a one-year guarantee on their drying wizard.

Q. How do I look after my Untamed wave taming machine?

A.  This is the boring bit but think of it like this, look after your frizz taming wizard and your frizz taming wizard will look after you (well, your locks anyway). 

You need to keep the air filter nice and clean.  It’s easy, just twizzle the removeable air filter off at the rear of the dryer. 

We give it a clean with a piece of kitchen roll, remove all the dirt (yuck) and replace it.  It’s not the most glamourous of jobs but needs must.

With the cord, try to keep it as unkinked as possible.  They don’t like being wrapped around the handle or body of your dryer.