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Untamed Hairdryer with Argan oil attachment

We at Untamed have been dabbling in electrical haircare and hair dryers for quite some time now, and suffice to say, we are a tad obsessed with all things hair and beauty especially when it comes to frizzy hair.

We’ve been lucky enough to work on some pretty amazing hair care brands and learnt all about hair from the best in the business, Mr Andrew Collinge.  Watching Andrew at work creating amazing looks in the salon and on photo shoots with Liz Collinge, the doyenne of make up artistry, creating beautiful looks and styling the models, well, we were in hair and makeup heaven.

That passion is still with us sixteen years later and has led us to launch our own range of hair dryers that will help us all tame our tresses and say goodbye to frizzy hair.

We’ve seen and tried lots of products over the years, some making great claims that they don’t live up to, others doing a good job but nothing to write home about.

If it’s got anything to do with frizzy hair, we are there faster than a ferret up a trouser leg.  And, my Untamed beauties, we have found a cracker of a frizz taming machine, a hairdryer that we are very proud of. We have spent over two years perfecting the most amazing styling tool for all hair types. We want to bring an end to frizzy hair. Our Untamed defrizz wave tame machine is more than a hairdryer it is a styling tool. It is unique and a UK first.

Just to be sure that we hadn’t got carried away with ourselves, we gave the Untamed drying wizard to friends, family and complete strangers (yep, we don’t want biased results here, people) and we knew we are on to a winner because we had to give our taming hair dryers to the testers and we were bereft, I tell you!

Our parched, frizzy, won’t do what it’s told hair was calmed with the Argan oil spritzing machine hair dryer.  Without it, our hair is well, dry and frizzy.  We wanted our hairdryers back, which makes us think we might be on to something here.

One thing we do want to point out (and we are stating the obvious, we know.  Bear with us, as we do it quite a lot) is that our hair is unique to us, everyone’s hair differs from one person to the next and so results will vary, depending on how wild your mop is.

Join us today and bring an end to frizzy hair! Get salon worthy hair at home.

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